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A list of character outlines, to be fleshed out if anyone wants to play them. Always open to expansion!

First Hero-

The greatest warrior of the forces of good in their age (and potentially ever), the first hero was Meleagant's closest friend when they were both a part of the side of light. Underestimated by their superiors, only Meleagant knew how to draw out their full potential, both when fighting alongside another and when they were being manipulated into completing Meleagant's goals.

Meleagant's Confidant-

An extremely talented witch that joined Meleagant very early on and was granted immortality by him. She is responsible for many of his early revivals and he trusts her deeply. She is more than just a servant, but his most loyal friend and one of the few people he allows to question him, though their hierarchy is unquestionable. A surprisingly healthy relationship between two companions as well as a master and minion.

The Men in the Black Hats-

Each hero has their own 'Man in a Black Hat' (who may not be a man). An independent line of powerful warriors who use powers and abilities usually associated with the powers of darkness, they are men and women who cannot use the gauntlet themselves but wish to assist in defeating Meleagant, typically trained or raised by the previous Man in a Black Hat. Unlike the heroes they help, they make sure Meleagant never even knows they exist to ensure they can better help in the future. In the end, Meleagant does become aware of the tradition of a Man in a Black Hat and takes up the role himself on one occasion.

The hero who failed-

The second to last hero was never suited for the role and was possibly pressured into it by heritage. They eventually, in the far flung future when intergalactic space travel was about to become a reality, could not defeat Meleagant and their failure doomed the Earth, humanity having to flee into space. Only got as far as they did due to a far better choice for hero helping them along the way.

The devil-

Or devil equivalent. Before Meleagant they were the undisputed master of evil, coming and going from Hell to wreak havoc from time to time. After Meleagant, they were vulnerable to being absorbed by his unique powers and fear him more than anything. Several times they return when Meleagant seems out of the picture to reclaim their place, but always absconding to the depths of Hell again when he returns. On the occasion they tried to use a sealed Meleagant's to further their goals, it backfired and they were finally absorbed forever.
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Hello, anons! This is a very basic throw together of some ideas and details. Feel free to chime in with what you think works and what doesn't, what you'd like to do and so on so forth. I do have other bits and bobs I'd like to detail, but I wanted to get this up first.


Very similar to Earth, although magic and fantasy elements are simply an accepted part of reality. These never disappear, but could possibly fade into legend in later years. The degree to which magic becomes less a staple of life is up for discussion! But no matter what since early times, mankind has had to defend itself from the mystical creatures that are often evil or destructive.

Although I've never really thought of it as Earth, I did always imagine close historical parallels between the two anyway. So if it we think it's easier to just make it Earth with magic, that's fine by me.

The Villain:

The thing that kicked the whole experiment off is the villain, Meleagant.

The very basics of Meleagant's story are thus:

-The third born prince of the kingdom of Avalon, Meleagant was unlikely to become a king. However, he was an extremely good and just person who wished to do good without a hint of ambition. Living during a medieval period of swords and sorcery.

-At a young age he joined a respected order of warriors who crusaded against the forces of darkness. He soon proved himself an extremely effective warrior with a keen mind for magic and battle. He also formed a closed friendship with another warrior his age, who would later become the first hero to defeat him and the finest combatant of the age.

-As a sensitive soul, he became traumatised when he came across a horrendous scene of slaughter at a village and believed it to be caused by evil forces, but in reality had been caused by the warriors of good. Feeling that good could so easily become evil, he became fascinated with trying to find a way to remove evil from humanity.

-Secretly experimenting with the dark magic used by some of their opponents that was powered by evil deeds, he devised the Evil Idol, a mystic statue designed to absorb and seal evil instead of use it as a power source. After testing it on a village under his protection, it erased the minds of the test subjects and they became barbaric beings. Realising in order to complete the statue it would require a huge amount of evil to guide it, he set in motion a scheme. Arranging the deaths of his father and brothers, he ascended to the throne and used his new position to send his friend, the warrior of superior skill to him, to face some legendary monsters using a device of his own devising. The gauntlet that would absorb the evil so it could be used in the Idol.

-As he committed more sins in the name of greater good and the as the Idol was filled, Meleagant began to delve deeper into madness. Eventually he activated the Idol only to have it once again go wrong, creating a demonic being of pure destructive chaos. Once that was defeated by his friend, Meleagant revealed his intentions to keep trying and the pair battled. When he was killed by the same weapon he created, he was absorbed by the Idol and took control of it. That form was in turn destroyed, but this resulted in the evil nature of the Idol becoming unbound by physical form, now a force of pure malevolence that fed on human evil and sought to end the battle between good and evil once and for all. The gauntlet changed too. Containing a fraction of Meleagant's power and retaining the last vestiges of his goodness, it became the only weapon able to defeat him whenever he manifested. Those who wore it could manifest the power of their own soul, maximising the power of any weapon they wielded and, thanks to their unique relationship, could penetrate Meleagant's defences.

-Every time he appeared, always with the goal of destroying humanity, the gauntlet would be used to defeat him. But it came with a price. Any who used it were denied entrance to any sort of afterlife. They would instead be sealed within it. There was also a risk to it. If Meleagant were to ever gain the gauntlet, he would be invincible.

-Meleagant appears every few generations, with a couple of exceptions causing early or late resurrections throughout the centuries. Every time period since his transformation has had him appear in some way, seeking to corrupt and destroy humanity. Sometimes defeated before he causes major upheaval and sometimes utterly devastating the world and being active for decades at a time. Eventually, in the far future, he successfully conquers the entire planet Earth, whilst mankind flies into space in search of the gauntlet, banished to prevent Meleagant from gaining it when a would-be hero failed to defeat him.

-Meleagant's eventual final defeat is caused when the gauntlet is destroyed, releasing the souls of the prior heroes. Although their time is only brief to act, they successfully destroy Meleagant's ethereal form as well as his physical.


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